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DVD/VCR Combo Player Reviews

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DVD/VCR Combo Player

Why Buy a DVD/VCR Combo?

These days, streaming-media services such as Hulu and Netflix high-definition Blu-ray Discs are swiftly becoming the preferred media for distributing in-home entertainment. These methods are on the cutting edge of our continuing technological revolution. Unfortunately, technological innovations have a way of leaving previous technologies awash in their wake. A prime example of this is VHS tapes and DVDs. There hasn't been a major VHS release since 2006, and DVD is also on its way out as a viable home-media standard.

A good solution for viewing your library of old VHS tapes and DVDs is surprisingly simple. Some electronics manufacturers still produce DVD/VCR combos. These units not only play, record and archive your old media, but they also alleviate the problem of having two separate players for DVDs and VHS cassettes. Combining the DVD player and VCR simplifies your entertainment-center setup by combining the process of connecting two devices to your TV into one connection.

The DVD/VCR combo is the perfect symbol of advancing technology: providing the latest innovations with reverse compatible hardware. Whatever your reasons for buying a DVD/VCR player, it’s a great way to combine the future and the past into one package that’s easy to use. On this site, you'll find articles about buying DVD/VCR combos and comprehensive reviews of the best DVD/VCR combos that will help you make an informed decision on which one is right for you. Check out the reviews of our award winning products the Magnavox DVD VCR Player, Panasonic DVD Recorder and Philips DVD/VCR Player.

The best DVD/VCR combos play DVDs and VHS tapes as well as the top-of-the-line units of days gone by did, and contain components that bridge the technological divide between standard and high definition video entertainment. Features such as 1080p upconversion and progressive scan technology combined with an HDMI port transform DVD and VHS images into crisp, clear signals worthy of an HDTV.

Some DVD/VCR combos have the ability to burn VHS content to rewriteable DVDs. This is an invaluable tool for archiving your old home movies, favorite films or anything else trapped on VHS tape in a digital format. This ensures that your memories and films will survive well into the 21st century.

DVD/VCR Combos: What to Look For

When it comes to buying a DVD/VCR combo, you want to make sure you’re getting the most versatility and quality for your money, especially because you are buying two devices in one. That’s why we were careful to rank the available DVD/VCR combos using a specific set of criteria. Below are some of the most important metrics we used.

DVD Features
The best DVD/VCR combos contain features that convert standard-definition images to HD signals. Features such as 1080p upconversion and progressive scan achieve this goal. Other DVD features we used to rank the products on our lineup include compatibility with Dolby Digital sound and the ability to play musical CDs.

VHS Features
A four-head hi-fi VCR was once the top of the line in home media. Now it's standard issue on every VCR produced. That's not a bad thing. The best DVD/VCR combos also include two-way dubbing. This feature is what enables the DVD portion of the unit to record content from VHS tapes to blank discs.

The familiar connectivity options on DVD/VCR combo units include tried-and-true methods such as coaxial and component connections. The best units also include the necessary options to connect your DVD/VCR combo to an HD television or monitor. To this end, manufacturers that include an HDMI port scored high marks on our side-by-side comparison.

Help & Support
All the manufacturers represented on our comparison matrix are established brands with long histories. Each of these companies has its own way of handling customer support. The best companies have as many avenues for obtaining support as possible. We ranked products in this category by the availability of phone, email and online support resources provided by the companies that manufacture them.

DVD/VCR combos are a viable, inexpensive solution for watching, recording and archiving your VHS cassettes and DVDs.

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